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6 reasons you should consider stellar Field Hockey Experience with ABC-Team Helsinki

Diverse Community

Interact with international students, locals, and expats and make new friendships.

Skill Development

Expert training sessions to improve your field hockey abilities and reach your full potential.

Fun and Social Events

Enjoy gatherings and create lasting memories with fellow players, staff and club members.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with like-minded individuals for personal and professional growth while adapting to Life in Helsinki.

Active Lifestyle

Stay fit, mentally rejuvenated, and relieve stress through regular training and matches.

Inclusive Environment

Welcoming space where everyone can play, learn, and embrace the joy of field hockey.


Happy Players

“The best thing in our team is the good spirit among the players. Most of us have known each other since many years now which creates a family like feeling. We like to play together and can rely on one another on the pitch. But we also like to meet off the pitch in our free time and gather for all kind of social events.”



“I joined ABC because it was an organized team with a coach, it looked like people were committed. The team members come from different nationalities, everyone spoke English and were friendly.”


“A great community. More than a hockey club, we are a big family. “


“I like ABC Team because on every practice day I get to play and practice with friends. “



Member Pricing

* Outdoor & Indoor season fees depends on how many players participates

* license fee is required if the player participate in games organised by Finnish Hockey Association and these prices are for whole year 2023

* Insurance is required if the player does not have his/her own insurance to cover the damages to field hockey and these prices are for whole year 2023

* training session once a week for Juniors and twice a week for Youth and Adults

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