About US & Our history


The ABC-Team was founded on 16 December 1970 by three guys: Artti Peltonen, Raine Lindholm and Kari Saari.

During the first three years, the club was active in automotive sports, mainly in orienteering driving that also gave the name to the club.

The club’s name comes from the racing classes used in orienteering driving: C — B — A. All participants started in the C class, climbed to the next B class and then finally qualified to the A class.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide a  fun filled yet challenging, competitive field hockey experience in Helsinki, Finland.

Our Achievements

ABC-Team became the most successful hockey club during the years in Finland. The club has won a total of 72 Finnish championships in the women, men and junior leagues both in hockey and indoor hockey.

Years since Club Founded

Finnish Championships


Helsinki Velodrome

Helsinki Velodrome is an outdoor velodrome in Käpylä built in 1938-1940 for the 1940 Summer Olympics which were then cancelled.

In the 1952 Summer Olympics the Velodrome was used as a venue for the track cycling and field hockey events.

The protected functionalist concrete building was designed by Hilding Ekelund. The Velodrome was renovated in 1997-2000. The ground now caters to track cycling, american football and field hockey.